Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Ice Cream?!

Look of the day!

A week back after filming my Ai Kotoba dance cover, my friends and I were lucky to get a free ice cream voucher each! It was given out by some DJs. When I went up to take the free voucher, the DJ noticed my usa-chan stockings and literally announced to the whole world through the mic... I was so embarassed cos everyone was staring at my thighs. -_- Honestly I wasn't too sure what they were promoting... but it was the usa-chan that attracted me to them. XD
Usa-chan peace!

We were not hungry that day so we decided to have the free ice cream today after we filmed another upcoming dance cover! The feeling of having free ice cream after a tiring day of dancing/filming is simply awesome.

The free ice cream is by Marble Slab Creamery. They have a wide variety of flavours and mix-ins available! We were literally spoilt for choices.
 So many flavours!!
Look at all the nuts. Just look.

And yes, they do their magic on a frozen marble slab! Their add-ons are called "mix-ins" instead of "toppings" because they mix them into the ice cream instead of just sprinkling it on top!
"Once your desired flavor has been selected, the magic begins. We scoop the ice cream onto a frozen marble slab, where your choice of fruits, nuts and candies, known as Marble Slab Creamery "mixins," will be skillfully blended in with the ice cream, then finally piled high on the delectable waffle cone of your choosing."
 After staring at all the different choices available, here is our choices!
Left, Salted Caramel. Middle, Double Dark Chocolate. Right, Thai Milk Tea.
Mine was the dbl dark chocolate with sliced almonds!

Love the combination of the dark chocolate with almonds! ^_^ Nomnomnom~

After the free ice cream treat, we headed to Hoshino Cafe! Yes, we are weird people who eat our dessert before our main meal. LOL. Don't judge! :x I've gone to Hoshino Cafe 3 times so far and all 3 times I ordered the same thing... Curry Baked Rice!

The curry baked rice had CHEESE in it too!! Which made it doubly awesome. :3 Hehe.

Oh and one thing I like about Hoshino Cafe is that they provide baskets for you to put your bags in! How thoughtful right? Every other F&B outlet should learn from them!!
Just throw in all your barang barang!

My legs are aching from today's filming for our new dance cover. T_T Hopefully can get the editing done soon! Lazy me does things too slowly. x.x Gomen....

Well, till my next food adventure! ;D

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