Saturday, October 26, 2013

$5 Ramen - Hiro

On a budget but craving for delicious, authentic ramen? Hiro is the place for you! Situated in a small little coffeeshop at Kovan, Hiro serves authentic ramen at only $5 per bowl! Apart from ramen, they also have other Japanese food available such as Japanese curry rice and gyoza! They are definitely different from the usual kopitiam/food court Japanese store ramen and much more authentic.
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I ordered the Tonkatsu ramen on their signboard. Despite being only $5, they were generous with their servings which included one full half-boiled egg and several peaces of meat. Serving is probably just a little less than those served at restaurants, but definitely worth the $5 and filling enough!

They didn't have spicy ramen option available which was kind of disappointing for me, but they had the chili powder available which managed to spice up the ramen a bit. Hehe~ XD The meat was super delicious to me as it was salty enough which simply makes you crave for more of it. :x The half-boiled egg was not bad and was cooked just right, but I would say it is not as authentic as those found in Japan. I'm not too sure how to say it, but Japan's half-boiled egg is more orange, while the ones served at Hiro was the normal yellow yolk. The ones in Japan also had a salty kind of taste to it. 

Nonetheless, I'm very satisfied with the meal! Will definitely go back to try out different flavours next time!

Hiro is just a walking distance from Kovan MRT.

Address: 203 Hougang Street 21
Opening hours: 11.30am - 9pm daily, except for Tuesdays

Try it out ne~

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