Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swop for a Cause!

Woke up today at 6am to put on make up for work. x.x Didn't help with the fact that I slept at 3am+ last night due to a really bad tummyache! D: But I'm still alive, so all is well. Hehe.


Anyway, I went to East Coast Park to work today! My job was quite simple. I just had to cycle a bicycle with an advertisement attached at the back. Silly me didn't take a picture but once official pictures are up I'll share them with you guys! I had to put on make up because they were also taking pictures to put up on their website. Thus, I had to look presentable. XD It was tiring... but well, I can earn money and lose weight at the same time! Round 2 tomorrow~

After my work in the morning, I headed down to Scape for Swop for a Cause! Swop for a Cause is a charity event whereby you can bring down at least 5 good condition items, pay $5 and swop them for something else you like! Alternatively, you can pay $15 and get 5 items without exchanging anything. The money goes to disadvantaged women! The event is held in conjunction with International Women's Day (8th March).

I found it really meaningful and fun at the same time so I brought down 5 of my impulsive buys. Most of them I never worn before! I paid $5 to the cashier and off I went to search for items I like. The event area is pretty small. About 5 tables placed in a circle. The items were separated into accessories, cosmetics, tops, bottoms and dresses to ease your search. There were so many clothes I felt like an auntie flipping through all of them! Hehe.

Auntie Suzume!

I couldn't find any clothes that I liked (I'm quite picky with clothes)... Oh actually I did find a pair of shorts which looked cute, but there was a stain at the corner so I decided not to go for it. :\ People! When you swop your items, do make sure that they are in good condition! Meaning no stains, no rusts, no yellowing (I did see a yellow men's top, urgh). Anyway, here is my loot!

1 top, 1 belt and 3 bracelets!

 Got this top for my mum! Really good quality!

 Cute belt! Quality not very good and have some defects, but still wearable!

Kawaii bracelet! Loving the little bow in the center!

Blue and pink bracelet! I couldn't decide which colour to get so I just got both. XD

As I was one of the first 100 to participate in the event, I was given a goodie bag!

Nail package voucher, make-up sponge and Essential conditioner~

A $50 photography discount voucher by Wow Productions was also given. But I only realised it when I was about to keep the paper bag away so it isn't included in the picture. :x

So there you have it! All these goodies in exchage for just $5 and 5 items which you do not want! Swop for a Cause is still going on tomorrow so you can go check it out! I'm tempted to go tomorrow again. XD Will see if my mum is interested! :D

After Swop for a Cause, I took a short walk around the flea stalls at Scape. Within 10min, I bought stuff. D; All my pay gone... T.T Gu... But I bought value-for-money stuff! :x

1m micro-USB charger for my Samsung SIII (my original charger is spoiled, so this is a necessity!)

Hair accessories! All of these at only $8!!

I found the hair accessories an awesome steal! The Neko hairband was only $4 and the other 3 were at 3 for $4! I felt a bit cheated on the bunny rubber bands though. Because they looked like the same colour at the booth but when I got home, I realised they were different colours... ): Haha, but they're still cute and cheap so it's alright! ^_^

Hai hai~ I had an awesome #foreveralone date with myself today. :3 Remember to go for Swop for a Cause!! Like their Facebook page to look out for exclusive updates!

Ja ne~

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  1. your job sounds so fun!

    didn't know about the event if not I will definitely go! need to find a way to get rid of my clothes >.<